The story of ‘Rebellion – 1136’

Following on from our last blog post where we revealed we will be creating escape games with a local connection, in this, we delve deeper into the plot of our newest game, ‘Rebellion – 1136’.

The story 1

This newest game is a massively evolved version of our very first game that we previewed at the Reading Fringe Festival all the way back in July 2016 (damn, time flies). When we say evolved, we mean that it is basically unrecognisable from the original.

So now to set the scene; It is 1136 and a year has passed since the death of King Henry I who has been laid to rest in Reading Abbey. Before his death he named Matilda, his only living child, as his heir. However, Stephen of Blois, Matilda’s French cousin, has travelled to England and successfully overthrown her, crowning himself King.

You and your team have joined the rebel fighters supporting Matilda on a mission to recover the crown and return it to the rightful monarch. Some of your comrades have gone before you, but they have not made it out. What they have done is discover that the crown lies hidden deep within the castle throne room. You must break in, locate it and escape without being seen if you are to succeed. It may sound simple but King Stephen is a scheming man and has not made the path to the crown easy, with obstacles to overcome to get to the ultimate prize.

As always, the time warp can only remain stable for one hour meaning you must complete your task and get out within this time, or be trapped in the depths of the castle forever.

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