Find out why we started TimeTrap, who we are and where we’re going.

Founded in June 2016, TimeTrap Escape Rooms are Reading’s 5 star immersive escape games provider. Both graduates of the University of Reading, Andrew and Katie (the lovely looking people above) wanted to provide the town with something tangible and experiential. Being massive escape room enthusiasts themselves (now clocking in at over 200 rooms each) they wanted to provide experiences with high quality aesthetics, immersive storylines and fun puzzles. And so it was, TimeTrap was born.

Since these small beginnings we have gone on to win a Pride of Reading Award, two industry recognised Golden Key Awards and over 1,100 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor. In 2020 Our flagship game was recognised as the 9th best escape room in the UK out of over 1600 games at the TERPECA Awards. Andrew and Katie have also had the privilege of speaking at the European Industry Conference in Amsterdam in 2019, as well as at Competitive Socialising London 2022.

In late 2020, we launched our sister brand, Imaginarium Design, to cater for the external projects that we were being approached to work on for others. This includes interactive experience design and consulting for clients such as Arts Council England, LEGO and Dorling Kindersley.


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Pride of Reading

In November 2018, we won a Pride of reading Award in the Small Business in Action in category for our charity work on The Divide. This was our socially conscious escape room that raised over £2,500 for local homelessness prevention charity, Launchpad.

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We have received two Golden Key Awards from escape room blogger and reviewer, The Logic Escapes Me. One in 2018 for our socially conscious escape room, The Divide, and another in 2021 for our Great Fire of London escape room, Pudding Lane.

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certificate of excellence

We have received the Tripadvisor Travellers' Choice every year from 2018 - 2022. This award is given to the top 10% of organisations that achieve a consistently high rating on the Tripadvisor platform.

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Top escape room project ranking

Our aim has always been to create not only some of the best escape rooms in Reading and Berkshire, but the whole of the UK and beyond. In 2020, 2021, and most recently 2023, our Pudding Lane experience has been chosen as a finalist in the Top Escape Room Project - Enthusiast Choice Award.


Best in the UK

In 2021, we were one of only two companies to have all three of our open games in Escape the Review's UK top 50.


All great time travelling facilities need an even better team behind them to help run and maintain the time warps. Get to know the wonderful human beings you may encounter on your TimeTrap trip…

Andrew 21


Favourite time period – Late Victorian

Top Tip – Throw yourself into it and become immersed in the experience. It’s not everyday that you get to travel back in time – enjoy it!

Katie 21


Favourite time period – The 1940’s

Top Tip – Get to know your time travel engineer for the most enjoyable experience.

Tegan 21

Lead Experience Manager

Favourite time period – 25/03/1576 – The day the first theatre opened.

Top Tip – If you’re splitting up and get stuck, ask your teammates for help. Fresh eyes and a different way of thinking might help you find the answer.

Rachel 21

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – The American Revolution

Top Tip – Don’t be afraid of sounding silly – you might be right! Even if you do end up being wrong, that’s one less possible solution to a puzzle.

Dan 21

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – The late 60’s, man.

Top Tip – If a padlock has 4 digits, then it has 10,000 possible combinations…Much quicker to solve it than to guess it.

Jack 22

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – Present Day

Top Tip – Always read everything carefully and in full (unless it's part of the walls or floor).

Jamie 21

Experience Developer

Favourite time period – The Technological Revolution

Top Tip – Make sure to let your teammates know when you find a new clue or item - you might have the other half of a puzzle they’re trying to solve or vice versa!

Scott 21

Experience Developer

Favourite time period – The far future!

Top Tip – Don't make assumptions! If you're stuck, try to consider all of the different ways a piece of information could be interpreted. You might be barking up the wrong tree!


Professor Potch
Creator of Time Travel

Favourite time period – Between 1989 and 2001

Top Tip – Don't try bringing back artefacts from your mission. Doing so could disrupt the space time continuum!

Professor Pooch Jr 22

Professor Pooch
Lead Lab Supuppervisor

Favourite time period – The Bark Ages

Top Tip – Don't be afraid to paws when you're sniffing about for solutions. You never know when you may be barking up the wrong tree.