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Founded in June 2016, TimeTrap Escape Rooms are Reading’s 5 star immersive escape games provider. Both graduates of the University of Reading, Andrew and Katie (the lovely looking people above) wanted to provide the town with something tangible and experiential. Being massive escape room enthusiasts themselves (now clocking in at over 100 rooms each) they wanted to provide experiences with high quality aesthetics, immersive storylines and fun puzzles. And so it was, TimeTrap was born.

Since these small beginnings we have gone on to win a Pride of Reading Award, an industry recognised Golden Key Award and over 500 5-star reviews on TripAdvisor. Not only this but one of our creations, The Divide, has gone international after opening in Germany as Das System. Andrew and Katie have also had the privilege of speaking at the UK Escape Room Industry Conference in 2018 and at the European Industry Conference in Amsterdam in 2019.

We now have a wonderful team of ten helping run our four permanent experiences. Get a bit more info and some top tips from them below!


Professor Potch
Inventor of Time Travel

Favourite time period – Between 1981 and 2001

Top Tip – Don’t take any photographs in the past. It could destroy the universe as we know it. A tip top team photo will be taken at the end of your mission.

Professor Pooch
all round good boi

Favourite time period – The Downfall of Ancient Egypt

Top Tip – Taking frequent power naps can actually lead to positive end results in the long term when travelling back in time.


Favourite time period – Late Victorian
Top Tip – Throw yourself into it and become immersed in the experience. It’s not everyday that you get to travel back in time – enjoy it!


Favourite time period – The 1940’s
Top Tip – Get to know your time travel engineer for the most enjoyable experience.

Experience Manager

Favourite time period – 25th March 1576 – The day the first theatre opened.
Top Tip – If you’re splitting up and get stuck, ask your teammates for help. Fresh eyes and a different way of thinking might help you find the answer.

Assistant Experience Manager

Favourite time period – The Future! Who knows what wonders it holds?
Top Tip – If you’re having trouble with a puzzle, take a step back and challenge your preconceptions; you may be focussing on the wrong thing entirely!

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – The American Revolution
Top Tip – Don’t be afraid of sounding silly – you might be right! Even if you do end up being wrong, that’s one less possible solution to a puzzle.

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – 1800’s – It had the best gothic horror stories
Top Tip – Don’t overthink things: escape rooms are designed to test your brain, but sometimes the most obvious solution is the one you need.

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – 1970s Broadway
Top Tip – Read everything you find, out loud, all the way through, twice, and make sure everybody is listening.

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – The late 60’s, man
Top Tip – If a padlock has 4 digits, then it has 10,000 possible combinations…Much quicker to solve it than to geuss it.

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – The time of King Arthur
Top Tip – Just go for it and make sure to look everywhere!

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – Roaring 1920s America
Top Tip – Don’t focus on how much time you have left. You might start stressing and make mistakes, so just keep calm and carry on!

Experience Maker

Favourite time period – Early Civilisation, Egyptian Society
Top Tip – Make sure that you listen to everybody in your group. The quietest person is often the most observant!


TimeTrap Escape Rooms is located on the 1st, 2nd and 3rd floors of 11 Friar Street, above Coral Bookmakers and opposite Walkabout Bar, accessed via Wiston Terrace. Being in such a great location means that we are surrounded by brilliant bars, restaurants and shopping, as well as being close to key transport links.

1 minute away from numerous bus stops

2 minutes away from Reading train station

3 minutes away from The Oracle

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