‘The Dungeon’ – A look at the backdrop to our first Escape Room

UPDATE 23/06/2020: This blog post takes a look at our very first pop-up escape room, ‘The Dungeon’. Please note that this game was a two day exclusive experience for the Reading Fringe Festival 2016 and is hence no longer in operation. It was played by less than 50 people in total but was the very first event that TimeTrap Escape Rooms ran as a business. ‘The Dungeon’ evolved into our first permanent escape room, Rebellion, with similarities between the two. We hope you enjoy this piece of TimeTrap history!

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Stepping through the TimeTrap portal, your team will be transported back to the darkest days of Medieval Britain… Its 1432 and the town of Nettlestone, once a bustling and beautiful place, is now ruled with an iron fist by its new leader. Lord Blackthorne, the black-hearted sorcerer driven mad with power, has sentenced Nettlestone to a desolate and dreary existence under the might of his dark magic. It is up to you to locate and steal the ancient pendant that holds the key to his power! You find yourself in the depths of his dungeon, before a maze of tricks and puzzles guarding the mysterious jewel. You must complete your daring heist within the hour and it will take all of your wit and skill to recover the magical pendant. Only then will Lord Blackthorne fall and freedom be restored to the land.

Complete your mission and you’ll return to the present day with glory. Fail, and you’ll be trapped inside the walls of Nettlestone, fated to serve Lord Blackthorne forevermore.

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