Experience Maker: What’s in a name?

In the escape room sphere, the traditional name for those who operate experiences is ‘Games Master’. This is admittedly already quite a unique job title that captures the mystery and excitement of the industry, and highlights its links to the table top and video game worlds. So why does TimeTrap use the term Experience Maker?

For a while now we have preferred to refer to our games as experiences. A game is an activity you engage in for amusement or fun often involving strategy, rivalry or effort, while an experience is a conscious occurrence personally encountered and participated in which leaves an impression on someone. A game to us is a visible object in front of you, while an experience surrounds and contains you with the coming together of the visible, the audible, the tangible, the sense-ible, thought and feeling. Experiences are what memories are made of. Experiences are the whole picture. Experiences are what we strive to make our games into.

Pudding Lane

And who is it that is responsible for making the experience click into place for every customer? It’s our Experience Makers. Not only do they take care of every detail from the moment a customer interacts with us but they also partake in the creation of our experiences before they even reach the stage of welcoming customers.

Our Experience Makers have unique skills in puzzle design and build, set design and build, illustration, photography, editing, lighting and sound, and these skills are woven into a collaboration that brings together all aspects of the experience. So they are Experience Makers two-fold – they literally create the experience, and then they figuratively make the experience by topping it off with expert execution and attentive detailing.


We are always on the look-out for people who would make brilliant Experience Makers and we aim to put as much careful thought into their working environment as we have into their role name. Joining the TimeTrap team means joining an exciting and pretty unique small business in an indisputably fun industry. It means joining a truly lovely team of people who are genuine friends and work seamlessly together in a flexible and relaxed workplace. It means joining a company that will evolve based on your contribution and in which you can really pave your own path if you are committed and inspired. It means acquiring managers/company owners who want to inspire you and who know that the team is TimeTrap’s biggest asset and therefore invest a lot into it.

Experience Makers are thoroughly trained to met our high standards in any responsibilities they are given. They are welcomed by everyone and create great relationships with the rest of the team through our regular team events and trips. They are supported personally and professionally whenever they need it. They are listened to, they laugh a lot and they feel pride often.

WE'RE HIRING Experince MakersIf you or someone you know is interested in becoming an Experience Maker, visit our hiring page for more information.


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