Escape the conventional this Valentine’s Day with an escape room

February is now upon us and romance is in the air. It’s not long until the 14th and whether you celebrate the day or not, we all like to do something fun with our special someone. So, why not do an escape room?

Bletchley Park Escape Room

Escape rooms have become a hot destination over the last few years, whether it’s for birthdays, team building, or a get-together with friends. But they are especially suited to couples looking for a unique date activity. 

Although being locked in a room with your significant other may cause some to fret, it’s a great opportunity to test your communication skills while having fun. We think going to an escape room is the perfect date and if you’re stuck on what to do for Valentine’s Day, we may have your answer! Here’s why…

The most common activity for Valentine’s Day has got to be going out for dinner, with the cinema coming in at a close second. And whilst no one will say no to a good meal or movie, conventional dates aren’t for everyone and sometimes it’s nice to break the mould. For those couples we highly recommend escape rooms as you can’t get more unconventional than that!

Time Trap 8

If you want to impress your date and have a super unique time then escape rooms can deliver that. With a vast choice of themes, missions, and difficulty rates, you have plenty of options to choose from when finding the perfect one for your date night. And you’ll get some serious brownie points for your date-planning prowess!

Escape rooms are also a great excuse to get up close and personal. From clutching each other at a surprise reveal to working together on a suspenseful skill puzzle, you’ll be laughing and celebrating the whole way through. Much more physical interaction than dinner or a movie!

For those who have started to increase the size of their family and rarely get some alone time – there’s no better way to guarantee that it’s just the two of you than being locked in a room. Parents of very young children will especially enjoy the more stimulating puzzles compared to the four piece jigsaw puzzles they may currently be more familiar with.

On the other hand, if you’re in a very new relationship, escape rooms can be a great chance to see if your date is relationship material! Do they shout at you if you get something wrong? Do they react badly if they can’t do something? Do they care more about finishing the experience than enjoying it together? Escape rooms bring out everyone’s true colours, so you can make sure you’re with the right person!

If this sounds like just what you’re looking for, TimeTrap has three unique experiences that will whisk you away to another world this Valentine’s Day – or if you’re not in the area, to inspire you to find your own unique date idea. Check them out here!

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