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It is the year 1136, a period in
history named “The Anarchy”
has just begun, and 12 months
have passed since the death
of King Henry I who has been
laid to rest in Reading Abbey…



In 1863, Professor Potch’s
favourite author, Lewis Carroll,
has been caught up in a horse
and cart accident in Bucklebury
market, and is now in hospital
suffering from a head injury…


The Divide

Enter our divided, unequal
society and work together to
find the answers needed to balance it.

In aid of Launchpad.


Station X

Boarding begins Summer 2018…

TimeTrap sends you back in time to the most important points in history, to complete quests and rewrite
history. But this wouldn’t be possible without some kind of time machine, time portal or something
similar would it?!…

This is where the main man here at TimeTrap, Professor Potch, comes in. He is the
creator of the time warps and has set up his first time travel facility right here in
Reading. We won’t delve too deeply into the science of it all but Professor Potch’s
breakthrough was discovering the exotic matter with negative energy density needed
to create and sustain the warps. Simple right?

Not quite. Once a time warp has been created, it can only stay stable for one hour before it becomes unsafe.
This is why TimeTrap is looking for top-notch volunteers to complete different missions righting wrongs
throughout history, in only one hour. If you complete your quest, you’ll be a hero and have quite the story to
tell; if you fail, well, the less said about that the better…


3 – 4
5 – 6
7 – 8

*Saturday, Sunday, weekday evenings

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