Escape to 1666

2 – 6 players


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‘I was blown away by the attention to detail and immersive experience delivered. Having now tried about a half-dozen providers, TimeTrap are still far and away the best of the best. Some excellent and intricate puzzles, a superbly immersive environment and exactly the right challenge level. A good variety and an engaging story, superbly delivered by our guide, with unobtrusive but well-timed hints delivered at the few times we needed them. Well worth the trip for the visit, we’ll certainly back soon!’

– TripAdvisor Member

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It’s Tuesday 4th September 1666 and The Great Fire of London has been burning for two days. Order has begun to break down and chaos is threatening to erupt – fuelled by the rumours that the fire was started on purpose… Londoners are blaming every stranger that crosses their path. Is it another attack in the long running feud with the Catholics? A retaliation in the war with the Dutch? Or was it just an accident?

Your team must brave the fiery streets and dastardly challenges in order to find out the truth. The fate of London awaits…

* Pudding Lane requires at least one member of your team to be fairly agile – if you can climb over a stile, you should be good!

If you think this may be prohibitive, please get in touch to discuss options, as we are happy to accommodate and tailor the game to your accessibility requirements.

*  This experience uses a haze machine and flickering lights to add to the immersive atmosphere. Do let us know if this may cause an issue for any members of your team and we can amend any effects for your visit.

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