Escape Room Team Building – All Bases Covered

So we know what an escape room is, but why are businesses increasingly choosing to ‘lock up’ their employees as part of team building exercises? We take a look into this.

They Get You Talking.

During an escape room, if you are to be successful it is vital that you all talk to each other, telling your team mates what you have found, what you think you might be missing, and keeping each other in the loop. When winning is at stake, we find that even those that may not generally have the confidence to talk up will be putting their ideas into the mix, and this improves confidence and communication skills long after the game has ended. Plus, when in the office do you ever find yourself having a completely serious discussion about how to recover the stolen jewels?

Not only do you have to communicate during the game, but we often get feedback from our corporate customers saying that the escape room trip has been the talk of the office weeks after the event!

Team Building

They Get You Working As A Team

Teamwork is something that all businesses should be promoting, whether a start-up of two or an international corporation of thousands. If we all worked to each others’ strengths, we would be a lot more efficient in getting stuff done. Escape rooms help uncover the particular strengths of each of your team mates. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out that Julie can solve a Rubik’s Cube in ten seconds or Phil can pick locks (but please don’t, Phil).

Time Trap 9

They Get You Solving Problems

It may not be the problems you face in work every day, but the kind of logic you need to solve the puzzles we include in our games will get you thinking differently, and help with thinking outside the box in your day-to-day life. Instead of trying to figure out how to increase sales by 10% this month you may be trying to solve a crime or escaping a dungeon. You’d be surprised by how transferable those skills are…

Time Trap 10

Most of all, they are fun!

Often, team building exercises or corporate away days can be forced or just a bit boring. Escape rooms put you straight into the action and get everyone involved from the off. They’re fast-paced, exciting and immersive – you’ll forget you’re even in an organised activity!

Pudding Lane

What do businesses look for in their employees? Communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management are often at the top of the list. Escape rooms incorporate all of these in an entertaining environment and are the perfect event for your next team day out.

If you’re looking to book an escape room team building day out, take a look at our ‘Team Building’ page for more details, including a link to download our Corporate Brochure.

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