Why Halloween is the perfect time to venture into an escape room, even if it isn’t scary

Halloween is synonymous with horror, blood, death, ghosts and anything that can give you a fright. It can be fun for many, especially if you’re a fear fiend or love a bit of Trick or Treating.

Halloween Escape Room Event

Like Halloween, escape rooms have also collected their own connotations, scary being one of them. Popular media has really fuelled the misconception that all escape rooms are scary – the film Escape Room comes to mind – so it’s no wonder some teams may expect to be cooked in a furnace if they don’t escape!

Scary escape rooms can definitely be enjoyable, especially for those who enjoy jump-scares and the adrenaline rush that comes with terrifying actors. But it has to be acknowledged that this isn’t everyone’s cup of tea, especially families with children who might not appreciate the spooky season festivities.

So if you’re looking to enjoy a more mild, child-friendly Halloween, be assured that there will definitely be an escape out there suitable for you. In reality, the vast majority of escape room themes are unrelated to horror and can provide teams with a fun adventure paired with some thrilling objectives.

For example, here at TimeTrap we love history. All of our rooms are based on, and inspired by, points in time. Take our game Pudding Lane; it’s set in 1666 during the Great Fire of London and your objective is to uncover what really happened the night the fire started, by finding the only witness: Thomas Farriner. Or, for an even more light-hearted and frivolous experience, jump into the mind of Lewis Carroll – the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland – and satisfy your need for whimsy in our Curiouser and Curiouser room. By helping him gain some much-needed inspiration you can ensure that his second story, Alice Through The Looking Glass comes together and the book is finished!

Pudding Lane escape room

And they’re just two examples; there are an unbelievable amount of options available for those of us who prefer to keep away from the horror of Halloween. So don’t let the holiday stop you from having fun and book yourself an escape to another (non-scary) world. It’s not just for the maniacs who like having heart attacks!

You can use the code SPOOKY10 this October (2021) to receive 10% off your total booking price, when booking for weekdays before 4pm for groups of 4+. Perfect for October half term with the kids!


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