Escape to 1863

2 – 8 Players

‘Our group has played a good number of escape rooms but Imaginarium was not just in our top 5, it was the best game we have ever played. The attention to detail in not just the escape room but also the waiting area and game brief made the experience incredibly rememberable. You can easily tell that a lot of time and money has gone into making TimeTrap more than just an escape game, it’s a complete escape experience.

The escape room was incredibly immersive and had a very good mixture of technology and traditional locks and codes. The puzzles were easily suited to both new and experienced players. Talking about the experience on our way home we couldn’t pick fault in anything. Your trip to Reading should involve a stop at TimeTrap. You won’t regret it for a second.’

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Professor Potch has made a mistake with his calculations on a previous mission. It was only small but the shift in time has resulted in a terrible incident further in the future…

In 1863, Professor Potch’s favourite author, Lewis Carroll, has been caught up in a horse and cart accident in Bucklebury market, and is now in hospital suffering from a head injury that has caused some funny goings-on, most dreadfully, memory loss! And the worst part – Lewis Carroll had just begun writing his masterpiece, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, which Professor Potch now fears will never be published!

To make up for his mistake, Potch has been working day and night to develop a new machine, and is now looking for volunteers, not only to go back in time through his time warp, but to be shrunk down and sent deep into Lewis Carroll’s brain to put things right!

As always, the time warp can only stay stable for one hour, so you must complete your task and escape within this time.