Fun for everyone with an escape room Christmas party!

With the seasons changing and the spookiness of October retreating there’s a festive twinkle in the air. High streets are slowly being decorated as the dulcet tones of Mariah Carey on repeat echo from the shops, because, of course, Christmas is coming.

Christmas is a holiday during which, even though beliefs may differ, families get together, friends celebrate, and even colleagues meet up for some cheer. However, celebrations, from the traditional to the unique, come with the unavoidable demand of organisation. Sometimes the few poor souls given the task of organising a party during the festivities have no idea where to start…

Finding something that can accommodate all ages, preferences, and schedules can be a task; so if you’re feeling the pressure to find the perfect activity, then turn your eyes to the world of escape rooms. If we do say so ourselves, escape rooms are an amazing way to create memorable experiences that can cater to a wide range of people.

Team 4

Planning for a multigenerational family or a business with a diversity of staff ages, can make it seem like finding a suitable activity will be harder. However, escape rooms are great at accommodating all ages as the experience encompasses so many different layers that there is always something suitable for each person to get enjoyment from.

The immersiveness is a fantastic chance for children to explore their wild imaginations in a make-believe world and they may surprise you with their puzzle-solving skills. No matter their ability, as long as they have an adult to help, they can try their hand at tackling some fascinating puzzles as part of the team – there is always something they can get involved with. On the flip side, the group members with more life experience can take the opportunity to shine and impart their wit and wisdom. The challenges in an escape room are so varied that there’s something for every kind of mind.

Not only that but the themes stretch so far and wide that you’re bound to find something everyone likes. Whether you want to become spy hunters in a WWII steam train station or perhaps venture into the mind of Lewis Carroll while he’s writing Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland, you’ll be able to find the perfect room for your group.

Imaginarium Up Close

Escaping isn’t just for families and friends though, it’s great for companies looking for a fun treat for their employees and has the added bonus of secretly encouraging all of those team skills you want them to have, hidden behind the fun. Most escape room venues also have two or more games so bigger groups can be split into teams and enjoy themselves at the same time. Here at TimeTrap we have a versus room specifically designed for two teams to go head to head in a linked competition.

And if that wasn’t enough already, escape rooms have the added bonus of being a punchy 1-1.5 hour activity that can fit easily into a greater plan, or into multiple busy diaries. If you’ve got time to spare then you’ll also be able to fit in a celebratory drink and dinner afterwards. Moreover, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting too exhausted or overwhelmed during the hour, while still having enough time to make magical memories. For those teams that do want to throw themselves into a bigger challenge, you can play different rooms and then swap and play a second room, or even more, for the ultimate competition.

versus escape room reading

Even though the most important thing is picking the right activity for your team, in the UK there is always a secondary consideration – the weather. Organising outdoor activities like light trails, festivals or ice skating can be hit or miss, usually ruined by rain, but sometimes even by unexpectedly cold temperatures. But escape rooms are free from these effects! Come rain or shine your experience will be ready for you and will always be warm and dry.

So if this hasn’t convinced you that escape rooms are the perfect thing for your Christmas party, we don’t know what will! Take a look and see if we, at TimeTrap Escape Rooms, Reading, can cater for your group. We’ve got three amazing themes in four separate rooms (including our versus experience) to choose from and can fit up to 24 people at once. We understand that the price can add up with larger teams, so we’ve got a special flat rate offer for groups of 15+ of only £20 per person!

escape room team photo

Wherever you escape this Christmas it will be a celebration to beat all past Christmas parties! We hope you enjoy!

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