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5 Reasons to spend Halloween 2016 at TimeTrap Escape Rooms

With Halloween coming up, we take a look at the top 5 reasons to spend it with us!

Escape the Trick or Treaters

No one wants to get tricked, or be forced to delve into their secret stash of treats and give them all away. Get out of the house and head to TimeTrap to escape the trick or treaters and attempt escaping our room instead

Halloween is on a school night

Halloween falls on a Monday this year, not the ideal day to put on an obscene amount of face paint and fake blood and head out for a drink or two (otherwise good luck explaining why you are looking and behaving like a zombie to your boss the next day!) Head out on the weekend, bust out your best MJ Thriller zombie moves, and leave Monday free for an escape game at TimeTrap Escape Rooms!

Not a fan of all things scary?

At TimeTrap we send our teams back to different eras and events in history. One day we may have a Jack the Ripper room, but at the moment our games aren’t horror-themed. The only thing you might find scary is how much of your Maths GCSE you’ve forgotten!

You can still dress up!

Don’t want to miss out on a little Halloween costuming? No problem! We have a lovely wardrobe to choose from, although we can’t promise you’ll looks as adorable as this little guy…sorry.

The Perfect Venue

We’re not sure it’s acceptable to eat a whole bucketful of sweets you collected from strangers after the age of 8, so instead, why not indulge yourself before or after our game with a tasty dessert, a locally-brewed ale or anything else that takes your fancy from the Great Expectations menu. It is our excellent venue for only a couple more weeks – make the most of it whilst you still can!

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