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A Freshers Guide to Reading’s Gems

We like to think we have a pretty good perspective on ‘all things student’ in Reading here at TimeTrap. With our team being made up of graduates from the University we thought we’d combine our knowledge and try and come up with a list of all of the places that took us years to truly discover. These are (in our humble opinion) the very best places in Reading:

Best Breakfast – Bluegrass BBQ

Now 90{c98744ccae5668db9fdf965b5181e578d15abb3be237b2137971b47a11c08058} of UoR students would instantly reply with Café Yolk when asked this question. However, even though Yolk is pretty damn good, if you don’t mind the walk into town there is no beating a Bluegrass breakfast. Whether it is a stack of pancakes or a full English, it is definitely up there with best places in town to cure a killer hangover or fill your stomach. I mean come on, they bake their eggs for goodness sake.

Caffeine Fix – Tamp Culture Coffee

Now somehow over two years old, Tamp has been making waves (and coffee) in the town and has firmly established itself, in the eyes of many, as the best coffee in Reading – we would have to be in agreement. They are a truly local business, so instead of going to one of the many Starbucks or Costas in the town, why not get a proper brew from one of Reading’s best indie brands.

Classy Cocktails – Caffeine and Cocktails

Still relatively new to Reading having opened in May 2016, Caffeine and Cocktails really does do what is says on the tin, and it does it good. The vibes you get from the place are great and they certainly have something for everyone with their drinks menu is 20 pages long! If you want to take advantage of their 2-4-1 deals (and why wouldn’t you) you can head to town Monday to Saturday from 4pm to 7pm or all day Sunday.

Cult Bar – Purple Turtle

You will get to know this place very well over the next couple of years (you’re doing something wrong if you don’t) and you’ll be in good company. James Corden and Natalie Dormer have both graced the Turtle’s floor and so have we! This was where TimeTrap first premiered as part of the Reading Fringe Festival 2016 with our first game ‘The Dungeon’.

Get to a Game – Reading FC

This may be a bit biased coming from someone who supports Reading but if you want to go along to see a good standard of football (with the team currently in the EFL Championship) then you have the opportunity to do so whilst at UoR. The club offers some of the best prices in the league with student prices £10 a game for 18-24 year olds. They have also run student specific events in the past so keep an eye out for that too…

Day Trippin’

If you want to get away from the uni bubble and fancy a walk, head down to Sonning. It takes about an hour and half each way, but if the sun is shining it can make a great deadline/exam break. You may even see a famous face or two on your travels (The silver fox himself, Mr George Clooney, lives here). Whilst you’re there we recommend you stop for a drink or bite to eat at Coppa Club. They are right on the river and the view is pretty sweet.

If you fancy getting a bit further out of Reading, jump in a car or hop on a train and head to Henley-on-Thames. You’ll see tweed jackets and cravats aplenty but, like Sonning, it is right on the Thames and you can even hire a boat out for less than £20.

Try Something a Bit Different – TimeTrap Escape Rooms

Oh yeah and there’s us. If you want a change from your standard night out why not come and play our new game at Great Expectations Hotel & Bar. We offer all students with a valid ID 20{c98744ccae5668db9fdf965b5181e578d15abb3be237b2137971b47a11c08058} off every Thursday. Just enter THURS20 when booking your slot. It’ll be unlike anything you’ve done before

FRESHERS WEEK COMPETITION: We are running a competition from the 19th – 25th September to win a game at TimeTrap. Be sure to like us on Facebook to be in with a chance of winning!

Why escape games are great for corporate team building.

So we know what an escape game is (if you don’t you can check out our info & FAQ page here), but why are businesses increasingly choosing to lock up their employees as part of a team building exercise? We take a look into this.

They Get You Talking.

During an escape game, it is pretty vital that you all talk to each other, telling your team mates what you have found, what you think you might be missing. When winning is at stake, even the quietest will be putting their ideas into the mix, and this improves confidence and communication skills long after the game has ended. Plus, when in the office do you ever find yourself having a completely serious discussion about how to recover the stolen jewels?

Not only do you have to communicate during the game, but for weeks after you’ll be talking about that moment Jim got a little bit too excited.

They Get You Working As A Team

Teamwork is something that all businesses should be promoting, whether a start-up of two or a corporation of thousands. If we all worked to each others’ strengths, we would be a lot more efficient in getting stuff done. Escape games help uncover the particular strengths of each of your team mates. Who knows, maybe you’ll find out that Julie can solve a Rubik’s Cube in ten seconds or Phil can pick locks.

They Get You Solving Problems

It may not be the problems you face in work every day, but the kind of logic you need to solve the puzzles we include in our games will get you thinking differently, and help with thinking outside the box in your day-to-day life. Instead of trying to figure out how to increase sales by 10{c98744ccae5668db9fdf965b5181e578d15abb3be237b2137971b47a11c08058} this month you may be trying to solve a crime or escaping a dungeon.

Most of all, they are fun!

Often, team building exercises or corporate away days can be forced or just a bit boring. Escape games thrust you straight into the action and get everyone involved from the off. They’re fast-paced, exciting and immersive – you’ll forget you’re even in an organised activity!

What do businesses look for in their employees? Communication, teamwork, problem solving and time management are often at the top of the list. Escape rooms incorporate all of these in an entertaining environment and are the perfect event for your next team day out.

At TimeTrap, we are currently running our TGI Friday promotion which entitles any business, or work colleagues to 10{c98744ccae5668db9fdf965b5181e578d15abb3be237b2137971b47a11c08058} when booking on a Friday. Just enter TGI10 at the checkout. Oh, and why not have a drink at the Great Expectations bar afterwards?

Dickens’ Final Chapter – A Look at the Backdrop to our new Game

With a month to go until we open our time portal once again, we take a look at the storyline to our newest game.

Charles Dickens has passed away, leaving the final instalment of his much anticipated novel, ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ unpublished. Last night, the Police received news of a break-in at the Dickens household. Charles’ personal safe has been broken into and the final chapter of the novel stolen. The Police have six suspects but have reached a dead-end… It is your job as private investigators to cast a fresh pair of eyes on the case to help uncover the criminal and ensure the safe publication of Dickens’s last masterpiece.

If you think you can solve the mystery and escape the room, you can book your game here.

As part of our mission at TimeTrap, we want to be as historically accurate as possible, and take inspiration for our games from real events, whilst also making a great story. Dickens was indeed writing ‘The Mystery of Edwin Drood’ series when he sadly passed away. The final instalment, however, was never released, but instead many people have come up with different endings themselves. The University of Buckingham even launched a crowd sourcing project to find the most definitive ending, with over 15,000 submissions leading to ‘the people’s ending’.

Our venue for the game’s first 6 weeks is the fantastic Great Expectations Bar & Hotel on London Street in Reading. One of the most instantly recognisable buildings in Reading, Dickens played a part in its 1854 opening as the Literary, Scientific and Mechanics Institute when touring his public readings. This, however is not the only link the town has to Dickens, with the Great British author also being asked (and sadly declining!) to stand as MP for Reading.