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The Top 5 Reasons to visit TimeTrap Escape Rooms at the Reading Fringe Festival this week

1) Reading train station has been refurbished and now looks more like an airport.

It isn’t often that you have to take shelter from the sun in the UK, but with temperatures due to hit highs of 32 degrees this week you may have to do exactly that!

2. Have a drink in Reading’s most iconic bar afterwards.

We will be based in Purple Turtle for our two days at the Festival so why not grab a drink in the sun to celebrate your escape (or drown your sorrows if you didn’t quite make it).

3. Be transported back to Medieval Britain.

“Hey honey, what did you get up to today?”

“Went back to Medieval Britain and saved a town from destruction by taking down an evil Sorcerer.”

Not everyday you can say that is it?

4. Real life > Video Games

Ever been jealous of Lara Croft or Master Chief doing all those cool things? Escape Games are the closest you can get to being right in a game (without the guns…and please don’t injure your team mates)

5. It’s something completely different to do in Reading.

Reading has been waiting years for an escape game to pop up, so now that it has, why not come along and see what it is all about?!

The Dungeon’ – A look at the backdrop to our first Escape Room

It is now just 10 days until we premier our very first game, ‘The Dungeon’, at the Reading Fringe Festival. We’ve put our heads together to construct a great story, intertwined with a maze of varied and intriguing puzzles! Let’s take a sneak peak through the keyhole into TimeTrap’s first Escape Room.

Stepping through the TimeTrap portal , your team will be transported back to the darkest days of Medieval Britain… Its 1432 and the town of Nettlestone, once a bustling and beautiful place, is now ruled with an iron fist by its new leader. Lord Blackthorne, the black-hearted sorcerer driven mad with power, has sentenced Nettlestone to a desolate and dreary existence under the might of his dark magic. It is up to you to locate and steal the ancient pendant that holds the key to his power! You find yourself in the depths of his dungeon, before a maze of tricks and puzzles guarding the mysterious jewel. You must complete your daring heist within the hour and it will take all of your wit and skill to recover the magical pendant. Only then will Lord Blackthorne fall and freedom be restored to the land.

Complete your mission and you’ll return to the present day with glory. Fail, and you’ll be trapped inside the walls of Nettlestone, fated to serve Lord Blackthorne forevermore.

TimeTrap – Reading’s Newest Escape Game

Well, it has been a long time coming but Reading is finally about to get its first taste of the craze known as escape games.

Quite why it has taken so long for the town to get to experience this great new form of entertainment we’re not quite sure, but we are hoping the people of Reading and beyond will love it as much as we do!

Image courtesy of Shosales.co.uk

The UK got its first escape game in 2012. In our first blog post, we take a look at 7 things that have happened in Reading in the 4 years it has taken for Reading to get its first escape game:

1) Reading train station has been refurbished and now looks more like an airport.

Image courtesy of networkrailconsulting.com

2) Tesco opened its 367th store in the town.

Image courtesy of Bitterwallet.com

3) Smash – A bar that combines three of our favourite things: Beer, pizza and ping pong opened.

Image courtesy of unitedcakedom.com

4) Reading FC were promoted to the Premier League, relegated back down and have changed manager 4 times.

Image courtesy of unitedcakedom.com

5) The Purple Turtle, the town’s most iconic bar and our venue for the Reading Fringe Festival received a £1 million refurbishment (and looks pretty damn awesome).

Image courtesy of getreading.co.uk

6) A brand new IKEA store has been built and will be opening this month. The Swedes know how to make good furniture, and even better meatballs.

Image courtesy of getreading.co.uk

7) The Reading Fringe Festival was created and is now currently in it’s fourth year.

Image courtesy of readingfringefestvial.co.uk

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